“You get paid to test apps?”

An off-the-cuff comment during a conversation prompted this blog post.The comment was the title of the blog post so I decided to put it front and centre so I could address this in a more productive way.

After 8 years of being in this particular discipline, no matter what capacity the tester works in (be it predominantly manual or automated tests) the mindset is the same; testing is definitely a thinkers profession.

The UI design, the process flows, the logic flows, expected customer actions, domain differences, flow of data and end-to-end functionality. 

And that’s without mentioning more specialised areas like performance or security. I could name plenty more, but as it happens, I read a blog post that describes in 15 points why testing isn’t easy, which I had to reference in this blog as it deserves a pingback (shout out to the Reluctant Tester – your output amongst others, inspires my output). That being said, maybe it’s a lesson for the future – direct more people to JG-Tests so that they can understand part of the profession before making such comments. Education is key!

Moving onto new challenges ahead; I am about to depart the travel sector for pastures new, and this is a major personal positive in what has been a tumultuous year for many of us. New products to learn and explore, team members to interact with, working culture to become accustomed to, and of course, furthering my career. 2021 will be an interesting year indeed – and I’ll be documenting the most interesting parts of this on JG-Tests.

Thanks for enjoying the journey with me thus far, I hope you’ve benefited from the insights provided. I can’t wait to add even more.

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